Charging Stand

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Tested by SGS (Swiss-headquartered Laboratory Testing)

10-year warranty

Unrivalled European customer service at its finest - we believe in our products and ensure quality by going above and beyond the regulatory standard.

Smooth percussion technology to penetrate even the most dense muscle tissue

Our proprietary motor technology with 25.4 kg (56 lbs) stall force allows users to target dense muscle tissue without stalling the motor.

Designed for on-the-go recovery

Every Shavron Massage Gun features a luxury carry case and universal charger so you can recovery anywhere at your own convenience.

Sweat-proof oil coating

Built with durability not only within the interior but also on the exterior of the device with an elite-grade oil coating and anti-jolt grip.

Shavron Quiet Glide Technology

relieve muscle pain and increase your range of motion with very little disturbance (35 – 55db)