So what is the best massage gun?

Is it Shavron, Theragun or Hyperice? 

Well lets have a look at a visual table that includes the top models by Theragun, Hyperice and Shavron:

Best massage Gun 2021 Shavron Massage Gun and Hyperice Theragun and Shavron Massage Gun

£199.99 (€229.99)

£20 off with code 'recover'.

£299 (€349.99).  £549 (€599)
6 hour battery  2.5 Hours + 2 x battery (2.5 hours)
53 Percussions Per Second  Up to 53 Percussions Per Second 40 Percussions Per Second 
Luxury Carry Case   No Carry Case 
Luxury Carry Case 
10 Year Warranty  1 Year Warranty
2 Year Warranty
12mm Amplitude  12mm Amplitude 
16mm Amplitude
4 Attachments  5 Attachments 
6 Attachments 


Built with portability in mind, the Shavron Massage Gun and Theragun Pro is equipped with a universal charger and luxury carry-case - unlike the Hypervolt Plus by Hyperice which come with a hefty price tag. 

Whilst Shavron has 4 Massage Attachments - we have found that customers generally stick to two main attachments and use the others on more niche area's. 

For value, design and quality - Shavron is a massage gun that offers the highest level of recovery in percussion therapy with the least compromise. With more power than a Theragun Pro, more warranty cover than Hypervolt Plus and Theragun Pro combined - Would it really be biased to say Shavron offers unrivalled value for money? 

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